DXDA (Deus Ex Dea; from The Latin, roughly translating to “Out of God, Goddesses”) is the Dance Empowerment Focus of the advocacy and empowerment agency, known as Priceless Movement. DXDA, exists as a media narrative and network building platform, from which to convey the message and power of dance. Priceless Movement believes that dance is a pivotal and untapped landscape to begin conversation and social impact in terms of: gender inequality, connection building and reestablishment, healthy sensuality, trust and beyond. Dually, dance also provides a powerful and unprecedented forum for storytelling in the realms of social justice. Through this powerfully expressive modality there is unique opportunity to reach the broadness of many cultures and demographics.

In the relationship shared between all of these elements, DXDA exists to build media narratives and networks that effectively convey these themes to supporters, funders, partner organizations/entities, and non-profits, in the ultimate goal of building a fully developed Dance Empowerment/Healing Program. Within this program, our deepest hope is to begin to administer dance therapy, teach healing/connection workshops to various communities. In the longer term, some of the central communities we plan to serve include women and men whom are survivors of sexual abuse, and human trafficking survivors. DXDA also seeks to place dance at the forefront of the social justice realm; as an artistic and metaphorical advocacy voice for the voiceless. We plan to implement this through narrative performance teams, and various events/forums, to inspire true understanding the nature of traumas, the challenges and fears that true healing requires, and tangible responses to the some of the most challenging issues facing our world today; including, but not limited to, sex-trafficking and social/spiritual division.

A daunting task, it would seem. Yet the Priceless Movement was founded upon a promise: we will never stop fighting for you, no matter what the cost. For the Team Agents behind the development of DXDA, in personal applications, the initiative is our war dance. We face our own fears, to the belief that that this allows us to lead others in facing their own. We have been challenged: does dance save lives? No. Not in and of itself; but through countless stories we have found that dance opens a door to establish new modes of healthy identity to remember oneself for who we are. It grants permission to dream again of who we once longed to be; and allows us the grace of connection, the permission to slip and stumble; the beauty to love oneself, right where we are. And so we return the challenge: Do we believe those elements save lives? In utmost certainty; and our hope and prayer in the Priceless Movement, through DXDA, is that lives are saved because they took that first brave step onto the dance floor.

- DXDA / The Priceless Movement  



Elijah James + Deenie Tusalem / Professional Zouk Instructors and Healing Advocates / Phoenix

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