Return To Her Kingdom / Stacy Jewell


     Stacy Jewell, writer, director, and producer of the award winning play 7 Layers Captive which premiered at the Kennedy Center, was raised in the D.C. metropolitan area, and at age 19 she was abducted and forced into the dark world of sex trafficking. After being held captive for almost two years, she was liberated from the violence and the physiological abuse of the sex industry.

     Presently, she is an internationally recognized survivor leader in the human trafficking movement and was honored at the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Press Conference by the Honorable, Senators Chuck Schumer and Patrick Leahy. As founder of the Whoisstolen Creative Arts Troupe and Media Group, Stacy knows all too well that words have the power to uplift or tear down the soul. Her compelling dramatizations have helped organizations such as The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, both FBI and state level human trafficking task forces, and have been featured at several High Schools and Universities nationwide.

     Stacy Jewell has dedicated her life to using the performing arts for community outreach and advocacy mobilization on behalf of the victims of sex trafficking from around the world. As she often states, “entertainment and media are powerful forms in creating public awareness,” and she believes that helping survivors & advocates find their voice through creative expression is vital to the movement of ending modern day slavery.

"From beyond the myth to brutal reality; from beyond mere judgment to new understanding; and from beyond blind ignorance to stark truth is where Stacy Jewell Lewis takes her audience, especially young people, who know very little about Human Trafficking.  Human Trafficking is not a cause; it is not simply a crime; it is a way of life for many people whose lives, needs, emotions and abilities are as different as each person on the planet.  You don't solve human trafficking; you don't fix it; you tend to its victims, its violence, and its voluminous effects in our society.  This is the window that Lewis opens for you through art, through music, and through story-sharing that is real and personal."

-Sister Ellen Marie Hagar|President | Elizabeth Seton High School

“Through her command performance in 7 Layers Captive,  a play that she has both written and produced, Stacy Jewell Lewis draws upon her own experiences as a survivor to illuminate the dark horrors of sex trafficking in the United States.  In a riveting dramatization of the mental manipulation and brutal violence that defined her experience and that of thousands of other girls, Jewell brings forced prostitution out of the shadows and into the light of day, exposing this abomination for what it truly is: a modern form of slavery, hidden in plain sight.”

-John Donoghue | modern abolitionist and Associate Professor of History | Loyola University Chicago


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