The Priceless.  

A Media Advocacy and Healing Organization; working through visual storytelling and developing experiential healing modalities to bring awareness of and recovery from exploitation.  

The work of The Priceless Movement exists in three forms:

Media Advocacy:  the internal creation of visual theming, films, photography, and other art mediums to promote awareness of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and oppressive gender narratives / mentalities.  Dually, these art mediums are presented in events, response forums, and from platforms that enable audiences to become aware of and select forums in which they may get involved in response.

Our second form is developing a platform of Experiential Healing Modalities, currently forming under our Dance/Movement Empowerment Program, DXDA. The vision and goal of this development encompasses a collaborative program of The Priceless Movement with top dance/movement therapy specialists, psychology and therapy specialists, and research professionals. The goal envisions an art/movement healing platform that enables trauma survivors to revisit, relearn, and reassign understanding of their traumatic experiences in a controlled, monitored, and prepared program. This allows the teaching and application of emotional intelligence, physical and emotional release therapies, and tangible practice coupled with coping skills. Our end goal is to aid in the building of development of forgiveness and release of self-shame; giving the gift of a new life free of old hangups and pain.  

Our third endeavor is that of collaborative advocacy. Through partnerships and projects with organizations, artists, and leaders/professionals, whom are passionate for themes that relate to or directly intersect with those of sexual abuse and exploitation.  The Priceless Movement offers media and visual storytelling development for artists and creators.  We develop media and branding that enables these individuals and organizations to share their talents and connect their messages of empowerment, with those that have been exploited, as well as supporters, funders, and business networks.   

We are the storytellers; blatant and controversial, challenging yet inspiring.  Of all the characterizations we hope to carry in this movement, our foundational message is to expose the pain, speak truth, and offer promise to those dying to be free of a varying forms of imprisonment. Our targets include the eradication of the cultural bounds or prisons of diminished value, shame, and judgement that have truly enslaved many. These lives are and have always been Priceless; it is the breathe of this movement to bring that message and make it real.

To the overlooked, the forgotten, the condemned, those yet pretending; 

We will never stop fighting for you, no matter what the cost.
So that you may know, you are
Beautiful. Worthy. Priceless.


Daniel V : Chief Director / Lead Conceptualist

Christina Perez : Dance Empowerment Development Director

Yuri Lee : Experiential Healing Development Director

Los Angeles, CA .


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